Timing Is Everything

WHEN you buy and sell a stock will radically affect your profits.

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Most People Believe You Can’t Time The Market

They’re wrong.

We do it every day.

Because most people think it’s not possible to time the market, they resort to a Buy and “Hope” strategy. This is one of the primary culprits of average returns. Not to mention, Buy and Hold puts your money at high risk for draw downs.

The Sigma Investor™ uses The Laser™ which generates signals that indicate the optimal time to buy and sell any stock.

By using The Laser™ signals, you can time the markets to avoid drawdowns (often associated with the Buy and Hold strategy) and capitalize on major market moves.

Check out The Laser’s™ signals on this Delta stock chart, indicating when to buy (up arrows) and when to sell (down arrows).

If you bought this stock one year ago and held on to it, the value of the stock has barely increased from your original purchase price. The price one year ago was $35.73 and one year later it is $38.05. You would have made $2.32 per share, equal to a annual profit of 6.5%

However, if you bought and sold each time The Laser™ generated a signal, you would have made six trades over the past year, resulting in an annual profit of 91.25%!

This is the reason average investors are making 6-10% per year, while Sigma investors are capturing savage profits!

How Good Are These Buy and Sell Signals?

Take a look at the comparisons between buying and holding stocks in 2022 verses using The Laser™ signals to time the market.

S&P 500

Buy & Hold